I came across a statistic a few months ago.  Apparently, the average United States citizen spends 4-7% of their income on clothing.  I follow suit.  Now, I also discipline myself to spend that amount on clothing, shoes, accessories.  Of course, should everyone do this, the fashion industry as well as society itself would thrive, I … Continue reading 3.6-7.4%

The Bird is THE WORD

The early Roman Catholic Church did approve the use of images for devotion at the Council of Nicaea.  For some, it seemed the right thing to do, not harmful, or haram, as a Muslim would say.  For others, it seems to have enabled them to do a kind of self-mutation into what Muslims would call … Continue reading The Bird is THE WORD

The Charity Girlfriend

A few figures: $500,000 as a yearly salary for one person provides an average quality of life in Manhattan, a woman capable of earning $50,000, or one-tenth of that, is an acceptably capable stay-at-home-mother in the opinion of an Englishman, $X is the amount one potential husband should earn to provide shelter as well as  … Continue reading The Charity Girlfriend


One day I stumbled across a piece of writing from D.  It was emotional, revealing.  He had met someone, yet could not pursue the relationship.  He felt comfortable around her.  He wanted to move on, lamented the year of sloth that had passed since we last talked.  He knew that I made him uncomfortable.  He … Continue reading D-DAY @ THE OFFICE


In school at Dartmouth College I learned that Muslim women cannot marry Christian men.  Then, years later, I found out that it is true.  No Muslim woman has ever married a Christian man, most likely. Zain used to clean my apartment in Egypt.  Rachid taught me Arabic.  Moses Mohammad showed me how to date, passively. … Continue reading MARY


In my self-directed catechesis, I chose to compare works on the Apostle Paul by Pope Benedict as well as Alain Badiou. Paul, apostle-martyr, experienced a visionary conversion from conservative Judaism to Christianity in the first century of the common era. Badiou, atheist, references Catholic imagery as well as symbolism in his Marxist influenced philosophy. Benedict, … Continue reading PAUL’S EDWARDIAN DANSE