I have a scar between my eyebrows in the shape of a lightning bolt.  I’ve had it since before the book Harry Potter came out.  My family is also Native American, German, Japanese, Ainu.  Despite being extremely religiously oriented as well as inclusive, I would not call my rites magic.  They are designed to maintain a … Continue reading HARRY POTTER IS HITLER

They Won’t Read Kant (pronounced C-unt) in German

During the lifetime of Immanuel Kant (pronounced C-unt) most people became familiar with his work through the short book entitled The Beautiful & the Sublime, which is like a violent, beast-race attempt at Wabi Sabi to parallel the interest in Japonisme in **France**.  The beast, is in his own mind superior, yet to me, inferior as … Continue reading They Won’t Read Kant (pronounced C-unt) in German